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WP Translate is a Google Translate WordPress Plugin.  Dynamically add a Google Translate widget that can be used in the side bar of your site.  The default Google Translate toolbar button can also be added to the upper right of your users screen.  See the Widget version!

The pro version also gives you a shortcode option that can be added to individual pages or posts. The WP Translate shortcode adds the translation drop-down widget to you page content, like the one at the top of this content.

With WP Translate your visitors will be able to translate your website content to their own language.  Bring your website to the global market today!

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Or try the free version of WP Translate.

Language Translation Example

WP Translate - Google Translate WordPress Plugin

Features of this Google Translate Plugin:

  • Set default language
  • Track translation usage with Goolge Analytics
  • Enhanced widget positioning
  • Google Analytics integration

Upgrade to WP Translate Pro

Purchase Google Translate WordPress plugin


Pro Features include:

  • Short code to add Google Translate widget to page or post content. This will prevent top toolbar from showing.
  • Widget for adding translation drop-down to sidebar. Also overrides Google Translate top toolbar widget.
  • Hide the top toolbar – prevents the top toolbar from showing when using Widget version.

Translation usage events can be found in your GA account by following the path below:

Content > Events > Top Events > Google Website Translator > Translate

WP Translate is available for free in the WordPress plugin repository.

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WP Translate change log


  • fixed admin ajax so it only appears on plugin overview/settings page


  • fixed bug in options setting code
  • code restructuring and optimizations


  • fixed toolbar display bug
  • updated links


  • fixed broken links in plugin info section


  • settings changes converted to use AJAX


  • removed RSS feed reader


  • refined UI for better user experience


  • fixed hard-coded image paths and file paths
  • sanitize input fields to possible prevent XSS vulnerabilities


  • Added German translation


  • Added widget functionality that presents visitors with drop down for translations instead of tool bar


  • Added setting to default Google Translate toolbar open or closed
  • Added setting to include or exclude mobile browsers from seeing translate tool bar


  • code refinements


  • Verified WordPress 3.9.2 compatibility


  • i18n preperation coding


  • Minor bug fixes


  • Minor code updates


  • Code to escape html attributes added for security


  • Added nonce for security


  • Added Windows Phone to list of excluded mobile browsers


  • Fixed bug preventing widget from showing


  • Exclude from mobile browsers


  • Prevent the translation bar from blocking the profile menu of the admin bar when logged in


  • Code refinement and bug fixes


  • Added Google Analytics Integration


  • Tightened security to prevent cross-site scripting attacks


  • Added ability to select default langauge


  • First Release